I’m a neophyte photographer in loving:  I bought a camera, started playing with it, and now I’m here!  This is my first photo blog and I’m still learning.  So I’ve decided to start carrying my camera around more, and using my iPhone more too.

I really love photographing people. Candids and street photography are my absolute favorites!  Hopefully with practice, patience, and perseverance I’ll get better 😊

I’m super excited to join the photo blog community, and am equally eager to learn.  Hopefully what I share here will be of some value to you too.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

“Every great piece of art contains a whiff of transcendence.  
Looking at the work,
we catch a glimpse of the artist’s soul. “
~ Julia Cameron


13 thoughts on “Light!

  1. Hello! I too am an amateur photographer! I decided to buy my own camera too about a month ago. I am looking forward to your photos and posts for inspiration, can’t wait!

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  2. I have owned my camera for years, but I have just started paying attention to how I take pictures. Before, it has always been a matter of luck. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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