It’s been terrifically overcast most of this week, making it a bit daunting to go out and capture moments, especially being a newbie.  But I’ve leapt into the challenge two days in a row now and it’s felt absolutely Fantastic!

I must say, I had to really think about what bliss means to me.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Solitude.  My puppy.  Living in my joy.  Being in the moment.  Allowing the spirit to move through me as its vehicle of artistic expression….

And then it hit me.  “Go downtown to the fashion district!”  Not only had I been wanting to do that for years, but I just knew it’d be crowded, making it the perfect opportunity to do some street photography — one of my favorites!!!

And what I am so grateful to say after my experience today is that my soul was most blissfully lit up!

click thumbnails to view full size

“Things won are done.
Joy’s soul lies in the doing.”
~ William Shakespeare


7 thoughts on “Victory On The Soul Front

  1. My favorite is the one of the last man. I would have liked to see his hands. Do you have a preference for including hands and feet in photos? Good for you for being brave and taking pictures of people you don’t know! I’m not there yet and admire you for giving it a shot.

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    • Thank you so much! Had I take more than 1 photo, I might have included more. He’s actually an amputee. Something just told me to leave his bottom half out of the shot. I don’t really know why. But I listened to that.
      I really appreciate the feedback 😊

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